Theatre–between develops and creates new and contemporary theatrical work that includes theatre, performances, live art, readings and music. Theatre–between has a special interest in the differences and distinctiveness of theater and perfomance genres and disciplines.
The emphasis of theatre–between's work lies in the discovery, exploration and highlighting of spaces in between - may they be physical, cultural, social or artistic.
Through examining spaces in between, moments of transitions or shifts of perspectives we are looking for the ‘little moment or the long period of the indefinable state’. How does this state affect, change or motivate us, our cultural understanding and identity?

Theatre–between is passionate to collaborate with national and international partners of different backgrounds. Theatre-between was founded in 2011 by director, actor and writer Gabriele Heller.

Gabriele Heller was born in Munich, Germany. Since 1992 she works as an actor, singer, theatre teacher, director and writer. She toured for 9 years in Germany and Europe with the award winning fastfood-theatre, a improvisation theatre company in Munich. With this company she created and performed various new improvised theatre formats and organised Impro-Festivals. She co-developed the curriculum for the fastfood-theatre-school and led workshop programmes on improvisation techniques nationally and internationally. As an assistant director she worked for the Bavarian State Broadcast. Gabriele took part in theatre-sculpture projects in New York and Berlin. She was a selected performer in an Impro-TV-Show in Germany. Since 2011 she sings with her Jazz Quartet Gabriele mit drei. In 2011 she initiated with other artists the Institute Robert Walser in Newcastle and co-directed the Festival Robert Walser in 2012. Since 2013 Gabriele works as an associate lecturer in Performing and Visual Arts at Northumbria University, Newcastle. Gabriele collaborates with various theatre and music ensembles to device and produce new work for the stage.

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